The Wrap Show is the best place to jump in and learn more about carrying babies! Whether you are expecting and want to prepare, or are trying to find a way to go hands-free, or want to improve your knowledge, there is something for you to learn at the show. Why is The Wrap Show all about learning? Here are 8 great ways The Wrap Show is supporting education and helping people on their carrying journey!

    1. Sling consultants – Book in with a professional sling consultant for a 15 minute session to help you get started with front carries, or perfect a technique!
    2. Workshops – Join in a workshop for an introduction to techniques and carries, including ring slings, base (standard size) wraps, and more!
    3. Sling library – Use our on-site sling library to hire different carriers and see how they work for you! Includes wraps, Connecta buckled carriers, and more.
    4. Health Care Professional Program – We are offering a limited number of discounted tickets for health care professionals to get a special introduction to carrying to help them spread knowledge in their practice!
    5. Peer Supporter scholarship program  – Along with our fabulous sponsors, we have sponsored a special session of a Born To Carry peer supporter program to help more educators get out into the community and share their knowledge!
    6. Variety of brands to try out – The Wrap Show features over 35 brands from all around the world, available for purchase and to sample their wares! There is no better place to see all these options in one place and find what works for you.
    7. Tester area – With so many brands available only online, it can be hard to choose. Our tester area makes dozens of wraps and carriers from around the world available in one spot to touch and feel for yourself!
    8. Supporting sling libraries – We’ve made a table available for one of our many wonderful London sling libraries to give out more information on how to get in touch after the show and get help with carrying and carriers as you go along!

Whether you’re a total newcomer, preparing for a baby, or want some help to make carrying more comfortable and practical, or you’re an experienced wrapper, there is something for you!