Ali Dover was founded by Ali Dover in 2014 in Cambridgeshire, UK. The company is a Contributing Sponsor for The Wrap Show 2017. In the following interview, Ali shares more about Ali Dover.

How did Ali Dover come to be?

Back in 2010, I began the first of several consultancy training courses, which heightened my enthusiasm for carrying so much that I began selling woven wraps online. I loved photographing them too, and the idea to launch my own brand developed naturally from that.

What drew you to the world of wraps initially?

I’ve always had a love of textiles, so discovering I could carry my babies in something called a woven wrap seemed a natural extension of this.

What inspires you in your work?

Inspiration comes from the most surprising sources sometimes in a design sense. In the general sense, it’s to help society in some small way.

Why do you think wraps are so important for parents and children?

We all place importance on different things based on our individual beliefs and values, but there’s no doubt that carrying benefits society by promoting bonding and nurturing.

What is your favourite part about using woven wraps personally?

My wrapping days are sadly long past, but in my memory, it’s simple things, like the flow of fabric in the breeze.

How do you encourage new parents who are interested but hesitant to try wrapping

This is a tricky one – actually I don’t try to encourage; I’ve realised over the years that people come to things when they are fully ready.

What’s most exciting or satisfying about working in this industry?

I have watched the industry grow enormously over the last 10 years – it’s heartwarming to know how many more parents are carrying their children as a result. I’ve also made many friends in that time, and it’s a joy to watch them develop their own skills and passions.

Where do you see Ali Dover in five years? Ten years?

To be honest, I can barely see beyond next month!

What experience do you hope for Ali Dover customers? In other words, what do you hope to accomplish or inspire through your work?

I would be honoured if my customers take away a sense of the importance of slowing down, taking the time to live in the moment, appreciate the beauty around them and express empathy and compassion.