Not sure that you’ve heard this yet, but at The Wrap Show, we’re passionate about wraps. One of the best things about these wonderful pieces of cloths is they’re just that – cloth! And while we use them to carry our children close for the precious early years, they can then be turned into any number of beautiful things when those carrier days are done!

So that’s why we’re excited to announce The Wrap Srap Contest at The Wrap Show (TGWS^2 anyone?!). For the first time, we’re inviting makers from around the world to make something unique out of a piece of fabric from our Showcase Sponsor Woven Wings

All makers will get the same, secret piece of 100% cotton in early 2019. Then you’ll have until 15 May to return your finished product to The Wrap Show headquarters.  It will be displayed at the event on 1 June.

We are recruiting makers to make something in the following categories:

  • Bags
  • Accessories
  • Clothing
  • Keepsakes and Home Decor
  • Conversions
To enter, sign up on our form here. The deadline to enter is: 15 October. You can enter into more than one category but only one submission per category per maker. You can also request different lengths of fabric in 1/2 metre increments at approximately 60 cm wide. The entry fee is £20 per half metre – a very special contest rate from Woven Wings! At The Wrap Show, your make will be exhibited in a prominent location at the exhibition along with all other entries. Entries will be judged by Woven Wings and additional judges to be announced! There will be one winner in each category for a cash prize, plus the public will vote on the Best in Show!
New to woven wrap scrap making? Fantastic! We would love to see new makers join our competition to see what the woven wrap scrap market is all about! All companies participating will be listed on our website and you’ll have access to a special discounted rate to advertise in our full colour programme.

Have a new idea? This is the time to try it out! Entries will be judged based on innovation, functionality, and quality of work. Let’s see what you can make from the fine jacquard woven piece of Woven Wings fabric!

Completed projects have the option of being auctioned off at the end of the exhibition to guests at The Wrap Show. Proceeds from the auction will go towards paying for our peer supporter scholarship programme and Dr. Rosie Knowles’ Building Bonds project.

There are rules to entry outlined in our sign up form, including that all relevant testing needs to be done, the fabric shall be used only for the express purpose of a contest submission, and you will do your best to complete the project on time and will update The Wrap Show of any changes in eligiblity.  

We are just so excited to see all these wrap scrap ideas come to life! Please do be in touch if you have any questions.