Our marketplace exhibitors are travelling from around the world to bring so many lovely things. Spend some time and get to know the designers and creators, learn about what they make, and see the incredible range of products.


Woven Wings needs no introduction, with wraps expertly and lovingly designed in house then woven at one of the longest-running fashion mills in the UK in a range of stunning designs, including the signature Geo pattern.


Connecta Baby

The Connecta is often referred to as the wrappers buckle and with our wrap version Connecta we bring the best of both the buckle and the wrap worlds. A soft buckle carrier the Connecta is easy to use and easy to adjust, the perfect birth to walking buckle carrier.


Lawilde is a boutique wrap company with an emphasis on design, quality and luxurious fibres.

We are a very small family run business with a long history in bespoke fashion. The mill that weaves our textiles is another family run business, weaving for some of the worlds most prestigious fashion houses.

Together we produce something truly unique.


HUBERTINE, ties that bind


… a vision of parenting that sees babywearing from the very first moments of life.

… few ingredients: love for fabrics, beautiful things, craftsmanship, and the people who bring good craftsmanship into being, humor, art and the ties that bind.

… a commitment to quality and local expertise through traditional weaving methods, a responsible approach towards sustainable development through a choice of non-toxic resources.

In collaboration with French weavers who work for couture houses, Hubertine maintains the highest standards, and demands the best and most beautiful products


Kindsknopf puts kindness at heart of their business. Their wraps are woven in Austria from high quality, strictly inspected, completely vegan fibres, in family-run mills with rich traditions of textile production. In choosing to forego animal fibres and using organic cottons in their lovely, cuddly wraps, they make both children and parents feel good.


LennyLamb is a family business creating single origin products in Poland. Our wraps, wide range of carriers, babywearing apparel and accessories are made with love in one place from the design to final product. The company follows the world trends of design while ensuring excellent quality and reasonable price of the product.

Sjala is a family business and is the first and only Swedish brand of exclusive woven wraps. We are designing in house and are weaving high quality jaquard woven wraps both in Sweden and in the U.K. We care a lot for this planet and all living things on it and aim to only produce wraps from ethically sourced fibers.

The Wrap Weavers Collaboration

The Wrap Weaver’s Collaboration is a shared project by artists from all over the world, coming together to share and show their craft of handwoven wraps.


Woven wraps and textiles for the home in modern, uncomplicated designs, for a slower, simpler pace of life.


To embrace a child is to wrap them in love, and an Ankalia carrier is designed to do exactly that. Ankalia is dedicated to bringing high quality Australian-made jacquard woven wraps and soft structured carriers to the babywearing community. With over a decade of combined experience in the industry, you can carry your child with confidence in Ankalia.

For more than 44 years Didymos has been producing versatile, comfortable and supportive wraps of superb quality, suitable for babies right through to toddlers.

Jacq and Rose

Jacq and Rose makes beautiful baby wearing wraps with designs inspired by a love of geometric and nature-based patterns.  Launched in 2016, our wraps are designed in-house and Jacquard machine woven using ethically sourced yarns at a British mill.

Minimalistic design, meticulously made –  London Sling Company produces high quality, ethical and luxurious wraps. Behind simple lines and harmonious colours, there is extraordinary craftsmanship and a belief that the finest of baby wraps should come with a clean conscience. Based in Central London, we are inspired daily by the art, history and soul of the city.


Minako make carrying your baby an unforgettable experience for you, and offer wraps in unique blends with designer patterns with a fun and unique spirit.


Based in Scotland, Oscha were the first jacquard woven baby sling company in the UK, who design and make all of their products in-house from the finest quality & ethically sourced yarns in a wonderful array of patterns and colours.


Emmeline Textiles

Emmeline Textiles evolved from the hearts of two American sisters, their love of family, and tenacious enthusiasm for innovation and excellence in babywearing.

From payment plan friendly releases, to producing the first custom painted weft in a machine woven wrap, Emmeline Textiles is as committed to accessibility as they are to heirloom quality products.

Wendy was an art educator for nearly thirty years. In 2012 she left full-time teaching behind to pursue her deeply rooted love of textiles handed down to her from her mother and grandmother. Wendy’s log cabin studio is located on a mountain ridge in the eastern mountains of West Virginia, USA. She has been weaving since she bought her first loom in 1987, and weaving babywraps for four years. Wendy’s hand dyed, hand woven textiles are in gallery and museum shops throughout the US and in private collections around the world. She has numerous art degrees and earned her Masters of Fine Arts in weaving and painting. Wenweave wraps are uniquely woven to embrace the love and kindness felt between a parent and child. Each wenweave wrap is woven with care and thoughtfulness in a time honored tradition.

Embrace Bags
Keep your favourite babywearing memories close to you forever with a bespoke hand bag or traveller from Embrace Bags. Each carefully hand crafted piece is made in the UK and tailored to your custom requirements with a range of sizes available.
Whether babywearing or not, a bag from Embrace Bags is both practical and stylish and as individual as you are.


The TigerPig: a rare, exotic creature with the intriguing habit of hoarding woven wraps and transforming them into gorgeously handcrafted bags and accessories. Can be observed exhibiting at events while attempting to herd its single offspring, the fiercely independent pygmy TigerPiglet.  The TigerPig thrives on human interaction – approach with enthusiasm.

Fiddle Beads

Fiddle Beads fiddle necklaces were created when my sling riding, breastfeeding daughter was pinching and pulling at me all the time when feeding and being worn. Fiddle Beads are the perfect answer to keep her attention at the breast and also keep her hands and fingers occupied and save me from pinching and pulling. Fiddle Beads are also an excellent visual and sensory distraction for babies, children and indeed adults with additional sensory needs, they can be totally customised to look like fun baby safe jewellery to stylish adult statement pieces. Fiddle Beads fiddle necklaces are fully safety tested to BSEN71-1-3 and conform to all EU safety requirements, which means they are totally safe and perfect for teething or gumming on.

To the Loom an Back

Two looms are put through their paces in Yorkshire, UK to create beautiful pieces of textile art produced for babywearing. To The Loom and Back uses quality hand dyed yarn to create unique handwoven wraps to carry children from birth until the end of a babywearing journey.

Handmade and designed in Ireland babywering/breastfeeding accessories, blankets, bibs, hats and much more. 100% natural, soft and delicate blends of organic cotton, linen, hemp,bamboo, tencel, silk and merino. Hypoallergenic. Made by mum of 3 experienced with eczema.

Ruck n Roll Handwovens

Ruck n Roll handwoven wraps are born from a love of everything geeky and rock n roll and based in the UK, in the city of Liverpool. Inspired by a dash of quirk and a smidge of nerd, Ruck n Roll likes to weave outside of the box, drawing inspiration from customer pictures, geeky films and TV, nintendo, music and sass.

Happy Fluffy

HappyFluffy is a home-based family business, in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, focusing in bringing affordable & high quality baby carriers. We are official retailer to many brands but exclusively for The Wrap Show, we are going to feature our own new collections and also wraps/wrap conversion carriers from Daiesu, BabyUltra, babywrap.com.my & SNUGGbaby, all are Malaysia home-grown brands.

Nahla Babywearing

Nahla bags are handmade babywearing accessories that are designed to be both practical and beautiful. We specialise in wrap conversions and have developed a bag that seamlessly moves between backpack and shoulder bag without retying. Each piece is individually crafted using the fabric of your choice, creating something totally unique to you.

Madame Jordan

Madame Jordan is a producer of premium baby carriers and children’s clothes located in Berlin (Germany). We are a handcrafted / family business and produce small series or unique items with our own or limited edition fabrics. Our carriers are very comfy and functional .. comfy like a baby wrap but functional like a baby carrier.

Madame Jordan

An eclectic selection of beautifully handmade baby items and clothing with practicality, comfort and fun in mind. Natural Nippers stocks items made by small businesses and crafters all around the UK.


Liora Rae Wovens

Liora Rae Wovens creates woven wraps and ring slings, lovingly designed and crafted in the UK. The company was started in 2016 by Natasha Stoller, babywearing mummy to 2 girls. Natasha completed her peer supporter course with Born to Carry and also volunteers for the Barnet sling library. With her passion for babywearing and eye for design, Natasha has created luxurious and vibrant woven wraps that you’ll want to wear again and again.

ELK market metal

ELK market metal creates handmade, durable silver jewellery, made especially with the babywearing customer in mind. With focus on recycled and environmentally sustainable materials, these pieces are ready to be worn in a variety of different ways. Rustic and timeless, straight from the Swedish forest.


Lenesha is a handweaving/sewing company, located in Odessa, Ukraine. In this company I produce wraps and slings for babywearing, scarves and babywearing clothes. Using fine quality yarns create our products with lots of love and passion for this work and babywearing.


Founded in 2012, Davaï has become a world leader in the creation of babywearing clothing. Designed by the dazzling Nadine Lagalaye, the Davaï line is trendy, inventive and highly innovative.

Since its debut, Davaï has been collaborating with 3 Parisian small sewing factories that posses a unique experience and a traditional know-how in the tailoring of both ready-to-wear and upscale clothing. The fabrics that are used for each collection are carefully selected and provided by suppliers who specialize in Haute-Couture. All of these signature features have contributed to the success of Davaï’s store, located in Paris, in the neighbourhood of Belleville.

To cope with ever increasing demand, Davaï has developed a line of clothing for all women who carry tomorrow’s world and has recently started to design clothes for men too. From the US to Norway, all the way to Australia, Davaï has become a brand firmly anchored in the world of babywearing clothing, for ladies…and their gents!


With carrying comes freedom, but a carrier friendly jacket will take you further. ISRU has designed a new jacket that seamlessly transforms from pregnancy, to front carries, to back carries, and back – no inserts required. A jacket that you will want to wear without the baby, ISRU was inspired by its home in London, UK, by carrying parents who knew jackets could be as beautiful as what they are designed to protect. With ISRU, adventure awaits!

Saltwater Rose Studio

Saltwater Rose Studio is the weaving of one weaver who loves hand dyeing, precious yarns, and special weaves. Wraps, accessories and more are woven at home in London.