Education Programme

1 June 2019 | London, UK
Join our exciting educators track at The Wrap Show. Aimed for peer supporters right through the most seasoned professional, come to the show and sharpen your skills. Every ticket comes with it’s own tote bag. Tickets are limited!
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Educators Schedule

9:00 am

Educators are welcome to come in at 9 am and head upstairs to our workshop floor. You’ll be able to check in with Lizzie when you arrive. 

9:30 am
The Language of Support – Lorette Michallon, Slingababy

Brush up on your language skills while you support carers nts in their carrying journey.

Lorette Michallon
10:15 am
Busting Myths – Dr. Rosie Knowles, Why Carrying Matters

Hips? Front facing out? Ages or stages? We’ve heard it all. Dr. Knowles will address these unhelpful rules of babywearing and how to help best support your clients.

Dr. Rosie Knowles
Why Carrying Matters
11:15 am
Carrying, Attachment, and Adverse Childhood Experiences – Zoë Crossley Woodman, The Sling Consultancy

From her recent Juno Magazine article Zoë will discuss and explore the neuroscience and research behind ACEs and attachment and how carrying may impact through building the brain via responsive parenting.


Zoë Crossley Woodman
The Sling Consultancy
11:45 Am
Inclusivity – Mars Lord, Abuela Doula

Join birth activist and doula Mars Lord to hear about why we’re not striving for diversity but inclusivity.

Mars Lord
Abuela Doula
12:45 pm

You can pre-order lunch via our ticketing website. We highly recommend this so you have time to network. Lunch must be ordered by 10 May.

1:15 Pm
Accessibility for Sling Libraries and Consultants – Brianna Fay Dymond, Happy Sling Lady & Tania Sanford-Casey, When Tania Talks

Join Brianna and Tania as they consider the barriers disabled people face when accessing sling services. Suitable for consultants, peer supporters and anyone else involved in supporting caregivers with slings, this workshop aims to support you in providing an inclusive space for disabled caregivers.


Brianna Fay Dymond
Happy Sling Lady
Tania Sanford-Casey
2:00 PM
Panel: How to Make Your Babywearing Business Profitable – Brillant Babywearing Business, Lizzie from Do It Like a Mother, and London Slings

A panel discussion on the how tos on making your business focused on baby carriers profitable.

3:00 PM
Babywearing in the NICU – Ellinor Ledin, Neonatal Nurse, The Nursling Thing

Hear how babywearing in the NICU happens in Stockholm.

Ellinor Ledin
Neonatal Nurse, The Nursling Thing
3:45 PM
Active Listening – Anne Mcewan, Born to Carry

We started the day with language and we’ll end our day with listening. Learn active listening skills so you can better serve your clients.

Anne Mcewan
Born to Carry