Magic Summer won’t have a full exhibition. Instead it’s a great time to kick back and relax with your favourite friends and brands. However, our companies are preparing special products just for you to preorder and pick up at Magic Summer. Details here. Any questions, do let us know, join our Facebook group, or ask the brand!


Bebe Sachi

Baby Tula

Introducing Baby Tula‘s Magic Summer Special! Aurora Ring Sling Galileo, a beautiful 100% cotton ring sling, handmade in Poland.

Special pre-order offer £59Email by 8 June for pick up at the show. 

More details!

 Soft and supportive100% cotton woven fabric with Öko-Tex Standard 100 certificate
 Medium weight wrap (270 +/- 30 GSM)
 Easily adjustable to be used for front (tummy to tummy) and hip carries
 All Tula Ring Slings have a recommended weight range of 3-15 kg
 Ideal for children, including newborns and toddlers
 Made with top quality aluminum SlingRings
 Tula Ring Sling complies with the European Safety Norm EN 13209- 2:2006
 Woven in Poland

 *Please note: Placement of the weave in this wrap conversion ring sling may vary.*

Tula Ring Slings are handmade from our beautiful woven wraps, which are designed and woven specifically for Tula. They are a representation of our passion for textiles, designs, and attention to details, but mostly to the beauty of babywearing. Tula Ring Slings are perfect for a variety of sizes and situations from birth on, and are the fastest and easiest carrier on the market to use. Tulais proud to make products that can be trusted to be there for you with comfort, safety, and beauty when your family needs us most, whenever that is.

Bebe Sachi

Bebe Sachi

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Available here!

A magical summer day, unforgettable to everyone who takes part: this is the exciting upcoming summer babywearing event “Magic Summer” in London, presented by The Wrap Show.

Wearing our children provides precious, sometimes magical moments of closeness; an unforgettable experience we share with our children and that will forever connect us. Every babywearing event and each babywearer who participates in these events contributes in spreading the idea of babywearing, making it available to more parents and their children so that they too can share in this beautiful experience.

Woven especially for the Magic Summer babywearing party in London, our special show wraps are an homage to this city. They will be a wonderful souvenir for all the babywearing fans and supporters who meet there, and make it a magical stay in London.

We owe the design to Vienna designer and artist Sylvia Moritz, known for her detailed and gorgeous drawings of cityscapes that she publishes under the label “The City Works”. Following her London cityscape collection, the outlines of prominent London city buildings, places and streets are artfully and graphically woven into our two special wraps – Magic Summer London Tussah and Magic Summer London Linen.

Woven into a cotton/Tussah silk blend fabric as well as into a cotton/linen blend wrap, the design has been expertly transferred to fabric on a jacquard loom – a true masterpiece of weaving.

Magic Summer London Tussah is a blend with 30% Tussah silk. The thin, high-quality, gold coloured Tussah silk creates a pattern full of subtle details and contours. The beautiful shine of golden silk covers the whole fabric with a gorgeous shimmer.  Thin, incredibly soft to the touch and pliable from the beginning, with an elegant drape and flow, the fabric caresses and supports your child without a lot of bulk or weight. With just the right amount of stretch, it molds to the wearer and baby with optimal comfort while supporting the baby all over evenly.
Silk is one of the strongest natural fibres, and thus is very supportive and tear-proof. Moisture and temperature regulating, silk blends are ideal to wear year around.

Magic Summer London Linen is a blend with 40% linen. We have chosen the best quality linen, with slightly thicker and heavier yarn. The white linen yarns create a finely detailed pattern beautifully outlining the contours, and the linen sheen makes the whole fabric shimmer in the light.
A bit sturdy in the beginning, the fabric softens quickly with the first wash and use and becomes wonderfully soft and pliable. With just the right amount of stretch, it allows the fabric to mold to the wearer and baby with optimal comfort while supporting the baby all over evenly.
Moisture and temperature regulating, linen blends are ideal to wear year around.

Both models are limited editions and will only be available to attendees of the  “Magic Summer” event on June 24, 2018 . Please send us your pre-orders for wraps/slings/scarves by June 3, and payments by June 5. All items ordered will not be shipped, but will instead be available to collect exclusively at the London event.

Please do not forget to bring your order and payment confirmation to the event.
Each wrap/sling/scarf has a sewn-in label with both logos to make sure it is a limited, licensed edition.

Available here!

Connecta Baby

Integra Baby

Integra is offering 20% off their entire store to attendees at Magic Summer. To take advantage, use code magiclondon at checkout and enter your ticket number in comments.  This offer is valid until 22 June!

The below opportunity has passed!


Integra Baby is offering a 20% off discount for pre-orders for the European Babywearing Week Didymos conversion! Discount code will be emailed to ticket holders but feel free to PM The Wrap Show Facebook page for more information. Discount available for 2 weeks only, until 29 April, while supplies last. Grab your new carrier for pick up at Magic Summer here!

Connecta Baby


Coming soon!



This opportunity has passed! The following two wraps are being produced for Magic Summer.


Aquarelle Blue Pearl
Blend : 70% organic and fair-trade cotton and 30% natural linen
Weaving : double satin, pocket weave

Let’s discover “Aquarelle Blue Pearl” as imagined by Catarina :

“I moved to the UK in the peak of summer and I won’t lie, it was quite a shock from my sunny home country with high clouds, sharp and saturated blue skies. That summer and many thereafter we have had sunny days in the UK but a good portion of our summers are still covered by a white-grey-blue veil.

I do not remember whom but in that first summer I was told : ‘Living here is like living inside a pearl’ and those words remained with me since. In the summer days at the beach when the blue sea of Cornwall (now my home) reflects the blue-grey low clouds above and all the colours aline to bring a sense of peace and warmth, I can only see the beauty of living inside this Blue Pearl”

“Aquarelle Blue Pearl” is our first high linen wrap. Our linen is very shiny and looks like a bit blurred because of the irregularity of the fiber. It makes this wrap very supportive, even for big toddlers and fresh for summer, but still moldable and soft from the first wash.


Aquarelle Mellow Summertime
Blend : 92% organic and fair-trade cotton and 8% natural linen
Weaving : double satin, pocket weave

Let’s discover “Aquarelle Mellow Summertime” as imagined by Suzi :

“When we were kids, we waited the whole year for summer holidays. The sun, the season’s variety of fruits, the beach, the sound of laughters, music, hot summer nights…. I loved to spend the summer holidays at the beach. It was so hot, and in order to hidrate us my mother used to bring cold watermelons and fruit flavoured ice creams for us to eat and freshen up. This is a truly happy memory I have from summertime, the running in the sand of the beach, calm and shiny, and the cold ice creams to refresh!

Virginie asked me an inspiration for this summer, and it was the first thing that came in my mind. A “Aquarelle” with no wrong side, on one side a blue grey, calm as the shiny sand of the beach, on the other side a strong and shiny pink to remember the freshen up of an ice cream.
So here is the Aquarelle Mellow Summertime !”

“Aquarelle Mellow Summertime” is the perfect wrap for summer. Because of its high percent of cotton, it will feel thin in the hand despite its high weight. It will be moldable and soft from the first wash. It will be perfect for every level of babywearing and every ages of babies.




Coming soon!



This opportunity has passed, but stay tuned to our social media channels and this page for more opportunities to buy a bag for pick up at the show!


 Customslot- Draw Special – Pre-Order 

Are you coming to London for the Magic Summer on 24.06.18?
Then you have the opportunity to win the right of first refusal for one of three Customslots.




This opportunity has passed!


Heart Rock Primrose Hill – a special pre-sale for Magic Summer in London!

material: 50% Egyptian cotton, 29% mulberry silk, 21% linen
weight: 310g/m² pre-wash

4 – €316, 5 – €340, 6 – €373, 7 – €397

A lovely summer wrap in a subtle pink and grey.

Heart Rock Primrose Hill is moldable and airy, strong enough for toddlers and soft enough for babies.

Our signature Heart Rock design is graphic, minimal and modern – great for every occasion.

This wrap is only available for pick up at the show, please make sure you have a valid ticket, if you would like to buy it!! 
If you would like to buy this wrap, please send us an email to with “Heart Rock Primrose Hill” in the subject and your PayPal address, preferred size and your Magic Summer ticket number in the body.
Only very limited number available!
This pre-sale will be open till 6th of May or while the stock lasts.
(Don´t worry, I will keep few pieces for a draw after the show, for those who couldn´t attend 🙂 )


Tulipe Turquoise

This opportunity has passed! Stay tuned for other offerings from Tulipe Turquoise.


— Exclusive Pre-Order —

Superhero ⚡️meets James Bond 😎 at The Wrap Show this summer! We offer an exclusive pre-order for visitors of the The Wrap Show Summer Party in London ONLY!

Superhero 007 is a true superhero. Cool and strong from the outside, soft and cushy from the inside. Shiny dark blue Giza cotton and light grey Tussah silk on an organic cotton warp. A light and airy triweave for the coming season which will not only get all eyes on the babywearing moms this summer but will look just cool with a dark suit on the daddies.

39% organic cotton
29% Giza cotton
32% tussah silk

Middle weight, hand wash or machine wash on wool or silk program only.

Available for pre-order in the following sizes:
Size 8 – 300 Euro
Size 7 – 285 Euro
Size 6 – 270 Euro
Size 5 – 255 Euro
Size 4 – 240 Euro
Size 3 – 225 Euro
Size 2 – 210 Euro
Ringsling 2,3 m – 210 Euro
Ringsling 2 m – 200 Euro
Ringsling 1,7m – 190 Euro

If you wish to pre-order this wrap please make sure you have a ticket for the Summer Party of the London Wrap Show as this wrap is pick-up only! and write an email to with your chosen size and PayPal-address. Pre-Order will stay open until the 8th of April 2018. 50% of the payment will be due on order and 50% 4 weeks before the Summer Party.

It*s a boy! Exclusive release to celebrate the royal birth and the strong woman who gave birth today.

***** THE DUCHESS *****

The ultimate combination of elegance and simplicity. For us, this wrap is pure perfection. For all women who wish to remain a classic in the world of quickly changing trends. For the ones who don’t only want to be noticed, but remembered.

Vanilla gold natural tussah silk on natural ecru organic cotton. This wrap reflects the rays of sunlight giving it a subtle shine. The fringes break the simplicity and give this wrap the touch of urban chique.

62% natural golden tussah silk (Oeko-Tex-certified)
38% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

It is around 300 g/m2, but with so high on silk, it feels thinner in hand and airier while wearing. This wrap is as ready for a newborn as it is for a toddler and will be your favorite summer accessory after a little breaking in.

Only available in very limited numbers in following sizes:

Size 6 – 350 Euro
Ringsling – 250 Euro

To celebrate this special event, there are no shipping costs for this wrap:) If you wish to purchase one of this beauties please write an email to with your chosen size and PayPal-address.

For shippings outside of the European Union the price will be discounted by the German VAT of 19%. Please note, we declare full value at shipping and this price does not include customs and taxes in your home country.

Draw will stay open only 12 hours this time! Invoices need to be paid within 12 hours! (24/04 at 1 am bst)

Woven Wings

Woven Wings

This opportunity has passed!


With so many amazing ideas it was really hard to choose one image submitted. There was one idea mentioned by a few that not only reminded us of London but also took me straight back to my childhood in England.

“With your feet on the ground you’re a bird in flight with your fist holding tight to the string of your kite.”

Sarah and I straight away had an idea and worked on a wrap that would not only be a tribute to London but an iconic musical. We think it’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!

Mary Poppins is a POCKETWEAVE DROPLETS on a black backdrop on one side and a white background on the reverse – 23% Super Soft Cushy Ethically sourced Merino and 77% Long Staple Egyptian Cotton

The black reminds us of Chim Chimney dancing on the London rooftops and Mary’s iconic black hat!!! We chose different shades of blues and purples to represent Mary’s coat and finally a splash of teal to represent the willows when she jumps into the chalk drawing and does the penguin dance.

“There’s the whole world at your feet. And who gets to see it but the birds, the stars, and the chimney sweeps.”