The Wrap Show is London’s best one day baby carrier event for new and expecting parents.

We believe in making carriers accessible to everyone and that carriers make the world accessible to you. Caring for a new baby is hard work but with a carrier, sling, wrap, or more, you can gain some sense of normalcy – a warm dinner, a lighter trip, a happier child. We believe that there is no one tool for the job that is perfect for everyone so we have curated an event that caters to all levels and interests. We are passionate about carrying our children, the benefits for both the wearer and the wearee, and we’re excited to help  you find your freedom.

We have a crew of baby carrier consultants and personal shoppers on hand ready to help you one on one. We even have classes on hypnobirthing, parenting, and why carrying matters for dads to round out the day.

The Wrap Show is a day you won’t want to miss, right at Tottenham Court Road on 1 June. With unparalleled choice and tonnes of on the day expert help available, you’ll walk out with the best carrier for you and your lifestyle.

Positives to Carrying

Your baby is on the way or maybe just here. You've already bought a tonne of stuff.

Why add a carrier to the mix?

easy transport

With your baby strapped into a carrier, you can travel TfL freely again. Go upstairs on the bus, take the tube at Bank, the world is yours.

happier baby

Research shows that babies carried in carriers cry less than those not. Being held tightly brings them right back to their first home - inside the womb.

hands free

Some babies just don' You can meet their needs while also meeting your own. Suddenly you can enjoy a cuppa, fold the laundry, walk the dog.

skin to skin

Skin to skin is helpful for bonding with your new babe. Using a carrier can make that a bit more comfortable for you both and helps your partner do it, too.

it's normal

For most of human history, caregivers used carriers to keep babies safe in a strange, new world. And babies are still biologically trained to be carried in one happily.

4th trimester

Human babies are born pretty early in their mental development. Exploring the world from the safety of a caregiver's chest provides a great foundation of trust.


There are lots of places to meet your new parenting friends. The community around baby carriers is a dynamic place that is highlighted at The Wrap Show.

increase your confidence

Carrying your child can help you bond with your new baby but also helps you learn their cues. Meeting baby's needs in such a way can help you increase your parenting confidence.

sustainable choice

Most baby carriers can be sold on easily on the second hand market. Even then, a woven wrap can be turned into many new things at the end of it's life. Check out our contest to see.

What we have on

We offer lots of ways to get involved!

classes on the basics

For an extra £5, we have great beginner’s workshops on stretchies, woven wraps, and ring slings. We’ve a class for dad and one on carrying a curious baby. Sign up in advance to guarantee your spot.

special guests

We’ve a bit more planned than just baby carrying – how about a class in hypnobirthing? Meet author Ellie from Milky Moments, hear from Dr. Knowles about why carrying matters, and get some early parenting thoughts from Attachment Parenting UK.


Our marketplace is bringing more than 100 brands to you, from hand woven carriers, to stretchies and ones with buckles, to jackets and gifts for you and your babe. With far more choice than your average high street shop, nearly all our companies are woman-owned small businesses and are eager to help you start your carrying journey out right.

welcome to all

Our venue is a 5 minute walk from Tottenham Court Road, fully accessible, and air conditioned. We have chairs to sit on and a sensitive food menu. Tickets start at £5 and children are free.

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