What's On and FAQ

You won't want to miss a minute of The Wrap Show!

We’ve got a full day of activities planned, from education, meet and greets, contests, and games!  Scroll down to check out our FAQ and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have more questions than what we’ve covered here.

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We’re big on education at The Wrap Show. Check out all the opportunities we have to improve your skills and find your freedom in a carrier.


We’ve put together a full schedule of workshops and fan sessions for you to join. Freedom can come from learning new skills and finding your balance.

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Consultant Corner

Would you like one-on-one time with a professional? Sign up for our Consultant Corner and get a bespoke hour long session just for you.

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Professional CPD

Already working in the community? We’re working on a full slate of continuing professional development for peer supports right through to the most seasoned consultant.

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Meet and Greets

The best part of in person events, besides meeting worldwide friends, is of course the fun we have together. Join us.

Hedwych, Wrap You In Love

Hedwych, better known as Wrap You In Love, will be with us at The Wrap Show. We will have a meet and greet with her!

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Ellie, Milky Moments Books

Award winning author Ellie Stoneley of Milky Moments will join us at The Wrap Show to sign her book and chat with you. She was our judge for Worn, The Wrap Show’s writing contest.

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New Workshops

We’re excited about our baby carrier focused workshops. This year, we’ve added some new courses that expand behond just your favourite wrap.

Helen, Mummy’s Gin Fund

Helen from Mummy’s Gin Fund is judging our Wrap Scrap Contest and giving a talk about starting a business with a baby in tow. You won’t want to miss it!

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Christy, Kent Hypnobirthing

Kristy, from Kent Hypnobirthing, will be giving a workshop session and hanging out in the marketplace to discuss tools could help you with your upcoming birth.

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Michelle and Michael, Attachment Parenting UK

Michelle and Michael from Attachment Parenting UK will be doing a session on how you aren’t responsible for your children’s happiness.

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Fun and Games

The best part of in person events, besides meeting worldwide friends, is of course the fun we have together. Join us.

Tester Area

Powered by KapuaLove, we’re bring back our famous tester area! Wraps, carriers, and accessories are flying in so you can have a free play at The Wrap Show.

#TryThemAll Contest

When you walk into the show, you’ll be given a card to play our #TryThemAll Contest! Go to a booth, try something on, get a stamp. More stamps means more chances to win prizes!

The Wrap Scrap Contest

Nearly 40 worldwide makers are sending in their creations made from the same Woven Wings wrap. You can vote on the People’s Choice winner!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's there for expecting families?

What's there for expecting families?

No baby yet but have that beautiful bump? We want you to feel welcome, too.


  1. Join our beginner friendly workshops on using a woven wrap for the first time.
  2. Get a bespoke session with a baby carrier consultant who can help teach you one-to-one.
  3. Join our Hypnobirthing taster session in our workshop programme, run by Kent Hypnobirthing
  4. Drop us a note if you would like a mentor to walk with you through the show floor to help explain who is who and what is what, we’ll hook you up for free.
  5. Connect with our community on Facebook in our attendees group.
  6. And don’t be afraid to reach out – we want to help you find your freedom because we think you’ll love it, too.

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What's there for me if I'm not wearing anymore?

What's there for me if I'm not wearing anymore?

So you think you’re all too old for The Wrap Show now, huh? Oh goodness, we hope we can see you anyway!

We’re so excited to be hosting #TheWrapScrapContest to see all the ways you can turn your old wrap (because it’s just one left on your shelf, right? 😉 ) into something new – from homewares to clothes. Come help judge!

We’ve built the first The Wrap Show Shop full of handmade gifts for you and your family.

And we’ve got a couple amazing new workshops this year. One with Helen from Mummy’s Gin Fund who wants to talk with you about starting a business with a baby in tow. And another with Michelle from Attachment Parenting UK who wants to talk with you about your mindset and give you food for thought.

Join us, everyone can use just one more scarf…

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Are my buggy and buckles welcome?

Are my buggy and buckles welcome?

We get it. There’s a tool for you that works best for you, and that’s perfect with us. Come in with your sling that you got from your Sister in Law and leave in it, too!

There’s no pressure from us. What we hope for is you feel comfortable to explore, to find your freedom, and use the tools that work best for you and your family.

If you’d like to learn more about carriers, slings, wraps, and the rest, we have a full slate of workshops that can do that for you. We’re working with highly qualified consultants who understand how to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to go.

And if you’re still unsure, pick up an afternoon ticket for £5 and just take a browse. As with most places in Central London, our buggy parking is limited but don’t let that stop you.

I still remember my nerves from my first carrier event like it was yesterday! We’ve got your back, promise.

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Is it too [insert word] for me?

Is it too [insert word] for me?

Every once in a while we hear, The Wrap Show is too fancy for me, or it’s only for those wrappers, or even, I won’t feel welcome. Oh dear!

We want everyone to feel welcome to The Wrap Show and we work hard at building an event that makes that sentence true. Our ultimate goal is to create a high quality event where you feel taken care of, where you can learn a skill or just watch from afar, where you have plenty of places to connect with those you’d like to connect with or help you feel comfortable alone.

Come as you are – with buggy, with bump, in Docs or heels, in whatever makes you feel most comfortable – and you’ll be received with a warm smile and a hello. And if you still have concerns, please do let us know as we’d be happy to work with you to make sure The Wrap Show is as amazing for you as we think it can be.

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What can I expect on the day?

What can I expect on the day?

We have a huge amount of programming ready for you! First, you’ll find our marketplace which will be full of brands, both large and small, local and international, offering a variety of wraps, carriers, jackets, and accessories.

Take a break in the Honeycomb Lounge where you can meet with the UK Woven House Guild, including Firespiral Slings, Baie Slings, Honeycomb Loom, and Oak Wren Studios, plus pick up your lunch and sit to take a break. There you’ll be able to pick up a session on wrap care by the experts!

Upstairs we have a full schedule of workshops from technical slinging, to talks by your favourite brands, Mummy’s Gin Fund, and Attachment Parenting UK. We also have a full schedule for sling professionals, from peer supporters right through advanced consultants.

If that’s not enough, we have our tester corner powered by KapuaLove where you can try on new brands and favourite classics for fun.

We have meet and greats with Wrap You in Love and Ellie, author of Milky Moments. And finally, we have the contests. Make sure to vote for the People’s Choice Award for our #TheWrapScrapContest and play #TryThemAll2019, where you get a chance to win prizes just for trying something on or heading upstairs for a workshop.

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From new families to pros, what can I learn?

From new families to pros, what can I learn?

Education is one of our priorities. Increasing your skills makes carrying and parenting that much easier. That’s why we have courses for everyone.

New to carrying? Check out our workshops on the basic skills. Book onto our one-to-one consultant sessions.

Wanting to increase your skills? We have advanced carrying, back carrying, and geeky session on fibre and wrapping. Plus, too, check out our consultants!

Parenting? Check out Helen from Mummy’s Gin Fund’s talk on starting a business with a small family. We also have Michelle from Attachment Parenting UK to talk parenting skills.

Brand Love? Oh we’ve got that. Join our special session with Woven Wings and Kenhuru Slings!

Are you a sling supporter, either peer, consultant, librarian? You don’t want to miss our CPD programming with Dr. Rosie Knowles, Lorette from Slingababy, the team from Brilliant Babywearing Business, or talks on helping families with additional needs or in the NICU. Check out the full details on our website.

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How is the show accessible?

How is the show accessible?

We want everyone who comes to The Wrap Show to feel comfortable and welcome. It starts with our venue – picked to be in as central a place as possible to make it easy to find no matter where you call home. There’s lift and ramp access to every area.

We produce name badges so you don’t need to remember every single name. We’ve brought in extra changing areas for babies and worked to make sure there’s plenty of seating so you can feed your baby and toddler comfortably.

Our food menu takes into account allergies and intolerances – get in touch if you need something specific.

And of course, we welcome people at every level of carrying, from never before to grown out with programming, and we welcome people from every background, trying our best to ensure everyone we work with are a reflection of all kinds of parents and carers.

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How do I keep up with what's going on?

How do I keep up with what's going on?

Ever go to a carrier show and feel a bit lost? That’s not fun!

We have a full schedule of what’s on on our website and will be on screens throughout the room. Stay up to date with show offers and discounts by joining our attendee Facebook group, and we do our best to keep our webpage up to date with offers, too.

If you ever have any questions, get in touch via email, messenger, or direct message, night or day, and we will do our best to reply ASAP. We will publish our show map as soon as it’s ready, and on the day, make sure to look for any The Wrap Show employee, all wearing white sashes, to ask any question you have.

We want to help and make sure you and your family have an amazing time.


Who runs The Wrap Show?

Who runs The Wrap Show?

Who runs The Wrap Show? It’s me, Melissa, mum to two kids and Trageschule Dresden certified consultant. London is my adopted home and I am so excited to welcome so many people to this amazing city.

I love building communities and working on in person events, where people get the chance to connect and where I can push the boundaries of what to expect at a show.

I started The Wrap Show in 2016 with a best friend and now have the opportunity to hire amazing women who help me get it done. Huge shout out to Lizzie who is putting together an amazing education programme, Hannah who is my right hand woman on the day, Anna and Lucy putting together an awesome tester area. Plus a huge thanks to all the people wearing white sashes helping on the day, too. I couldn’t do it without you.

It’s important to me that those who work with me are paid for their time and that we give to charity in sustainable ways.

It’s also important to me that the show is accessible and welcoming to all. I love feedback so please tell me how I’m doing. And when you see me on 1 June, please say hello! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support.

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