When my babies were little, I held them snuggled up in wraps and my partner used buckled carriers. We carried them everywhere and anywhere, from concerts to travel to the supermarket, anywhere we went, they were right there with us. They saw the world at eye level, heard us, felt us. We chatted with them constantly, and patted their little heads.

When they wanted more freedom, they wouldn’t go up and insisted on walking. I found using a short wrap (around 3m) in short carries so convenient! They can walk and have freedom to roam, but when their little legs get tired, I can pick them up and carry them. When they want to walk about again, I have a lovely scarf.

As they get older and the balance shifts to more walking and less carrying, more scarf for me!

The realities of carrying a toddler…leave the house with a little one up on your back, and ending up wearing a beautiful shawl while the littlest explorers collect rocks!