Connecta was founded in the UK. The company is a Partner Sponsor for The Wrap Show 2017. In the following interview, owner Sarah Sadler shares more about Connecta.

How did Connecta come to be?

Connecta is designed and developed for parents by parents. We understand, and have experienced firsthand, the benefits of an unstructured buckle carrier. The Connecta is designed so that it can be easily adapted to work for all.

What drew you to the world of carriers initially?

Need. My middle child needed to be carried. And I initially found parenting for two to be an incredible struggle. When a friend leant me a sling, it was as if I learnt to breathe again. Babywearing enhanced my mothering experiences significantly and brought so much joy, as well as a vital tool in my parenting toolbox to get me through the tough times. By the time my third daughter was born, we were buggy free, babywearing from birth and enjoying every joyful nanosecond.

What inspires you in your work?

Connecta love. When I connect with our customers through e-mail, messages and face-to-face. When I listen and hear their stories and what Connecta has meant and means to them. Everyone has a different and important story. I continue to be humbled by the encouragement that our customers give back to us. It really feels magical.  

Why do you think carriers are so important for parents and children?

Myriad reasons. Every parent and infant has a different story. The reasons are vast and individual.  

What is your favourite part about using carriers personally?

For myself, I am eternally grateful that I carried my babies. I feel glad for the depth of bonding, physical and emotional. I have enjoyed the off-road freedom and practicalities – from being able to assist bigger siblings with two hands to being able to shop and use public loos! I was a work-at-home mum wearing our Connecta whilst running the business that is Connecta. I balanced the needs of my family, myself and the business whilst babywearing all the way!

How do you encourage new parents who are interested but hesitant to try using a carrier?

Try it – you might like it. 🙂

What’s most exciting or satisfying about working in this industry?

Being present whilst babywearing in the UK has grown over the past decade or so has been utterly uplifting. Seeing how true and honest learnings are passed from person to person. To bear witness to the fundamental renaissance and the revolution…the truths that are the benefits of carrying.

Where do you see Connecta in five years? Ten years?

I hope Connecta will be more readily available to more people – to maintain our unwavering quality, standards, ethics and honest pricing.

What experience do you hope for Connecta customers? In other words, what do you hope to accomplish or inspire through your work?

The Connecta Moment – the moment of togetherness – the moment of connection. This is a unique moment.

Is there anything new about Connecta or its products that you’d like to share?

We want to continue our collaborations with our wonderful wrap brand friends. My favourite all-time Connecta that was my personal work horse was a Girasol Toddler Connecta….the wrap layers are exceptionally comfortable.