Are you worried about your baby carrier skills? Would you like to level up your back carry or learn a poppable hip carry? Sure you’ve watched some well produced online videos but it’s still not quite there. We’ve got a solution for you. Join The Consultant Corner and get a one-hour bespoke session to find your perfect freedom. Wraps, carriers, partners, grandmothers – we can help you all.


These sessions are £25 for an hour long session and run next to the workshops. The consultants are paid to help you on the day by The Wrap Show. Buy a session and we will send you a form to fill out to help us match the consultant to your needs. These sessions are set up for one carer/child dyad but be in touch if you have different circumstances.  Buy ahead to ensure you’re not disappointed but check with us on the day in case we still have space, all on the workshop floor.

Meet the highly qualified team coming to help!

Madeleine is Trageschule and Slingababy trained consultant and babywearing mother of 2. Carrying her children has shaped her as a mother – giving her freedom, sanity and the ability to hold them close as they grow! She became a consultant and set up Sheen Slings as she loves helping others gain confidence carrying their own little ones, helping them find the right tool they need in their own personal journey.

Soshanna started babywearing 11 years ago and has carried all three of her children. She trained and qualified and Consultant with the School of Babywearing in 2016 after a decade of running sling meets and volunteering at sling libraries. Alongside her Consultancy work, she run the non-profit East Kent Slings and its large team of volunteers. She describes babywearing as ‘a lifesaver’ when her youngest child was unwell for his first two years. She still occasionally carries him now at four and a half when he gets tired legs. It brings her great joy to enable others to carry their children of all ages, too.

Katie started her babywearing journey with her second child in 2012. She fell head over heels in love with woven wraps and began investigating the science of weaving and blends of yarns. Winning a wrap design competition was the spark that led to Katie’s own woven wrap company, Jacq and Rose, which she launched in 2016. Katie trained as a Consultant with the School of Babywearing and is a volunteer at Reading NCT Sling Library. Her babywearing days with her own son, who is now five, are now coming to an end but she loves being able to help others on their babywearing journeys.

Mel runs Wrap a hug sling library and is based in east London. She is a certified babywearing consultant and trained with School of Babywearing. Mel is mum to 2 boys, both has been carried from birth. She is very passionate about supporting parents on their babywearing journey and offers personalised services. Mel also runs Tower Hamlets Fmaily meet-up, a monthly meet where perinatal and early years professionals meet local parents to support them on their parenting journey.

Sonia has been babywearing since her first child was born in 2014. She loved the extra cuddles and the beautiful fabrics, but it was with her second child, who needed to be held upright for a large part of the day, that carrying became a necessity. She loves sharing the benefits of carrying with other families and helping them, whatever reasons they have to carry. She trained with Slingababy and specialises in woven wrapping.

Colleen started babywearing after her daughter was born in 2012. She enjoyed the closeness and convenience that it provided them as a family. In 2014, her son was born and her love of babywearing really began to flourish – with two children to manoeuvre about she seldom left the house without a carrier! In 2016, Colleen decided to follow her passion and trained as a babywearing consultant with Slingababy. She went on to train with JPMBB in April 2018. Colleen has a love of woven wraps and can often be found testing them out with her own children. She is an advocate for toddler wearing and enjoys helping families to find carriers that can enable them to comfortably carry their children for longer.