We’re proud to be supporting East London’s Magpie Project. We asked them to write up a blog about what they do. At The Wrap Show 2019, we’ll be offering a carrier drive to provide them with soft slings – wraps, stretchies, ring slings, caboos, etc – and ergonomic carriers to help their mums and community.

We are the Magpie Project a community based mum to mum organisation working with mums and under fives at risk of homelessness  In our two years of existence we have supported more than 250 families and welcomed more than 15 babies to the fold. 
We offer a place to be, a support system, advice, a listening ear alongside practical items such as clothes and nappies and food bank referrals. Some of our mums live on as little as £34 a week which obviously makes things extremely difficult.


Accommodation usually involves being put up in unsuitable tiny shared accommodation where it is difficult to keep baby safe, and very difficult to have anywhere to baby to crawl or have tummy time.  For this reason our dance therapist who has studied child development. sees alot of problems that arise from babies spending too much time in buggies, prams or carry cots. This includes delayed crawling, flat heads etc. Mums are often anxious to have somewhere to keep baby safe and ask for baby walkers and seats to contain baby because their accommodation is not clean or safe enough for baby to be on the floor. We worry that these are not great for baby’s development. 

This is not the fault of mums who are doing the best they can in terrible circumstances. 
Buggies are really tough to come across and also they are bulky and difficult to store in overcrowded accommodation so we are looking for other options.
We are trying to encourage the use of slings for the following reasons:

  • Increased attachment and baby and mother wellbeing
  • Practicality that allows mothers to continue daily tasks wearing baby
  • Reduction in flat heads, creation of strong muscle tone in baby
  • Reduction of colic and other digestive problems from having baby upright and attached
We are really looking for donations of slings and wraps (Not the baby Bjorn type, more the the wrapping tummy to chest soft sling types) so that we can model, encourage and enable the lovely practice of wearing babies as a solution to the problems we are seeing. We currently support around 90 mums at any given time.

Baby in Magpie Sling

The Magpie Project is also sending a volunteer to Azizah Attard’s Born to Carry Peer Supporter course on Saturday, 18 May, to further ensure well supported sling use in their community. Mums from The Magpie Project will also be attending The Wrap Show.