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A maker? A writer? Wearer of things? Join us!

The Wrap Show is more than just the brands – we want to celebrate the community, too. We have a few fun ways to get involved in contest form! If you’re a maker, a writer, or a wearer of things, we want you to get involved.

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The Wrap Scrap Contest

We put out a call for makers around the world to join us in our first ever Wrap Scrap contest! All the participants get a piece of the same woven wrap from Showcase Sponsor Woven Wings. And they can turn that into accessories, clothing, homeware/keepsakes, conversions, and bags – highlighting all the uses of the wrap after babies!

Who are the 36 makers involved? What are they aiming for? Find out here soon!

We will have celebrity judges picking a winner for each of the 5 categories and guests of the show can pick a people’s choice! Some of these items may go for auction at the end of the show, so keep your eyes peeled for details.

But ahead of the show, we’ll be highlighting updates from the makers as they share their progress at #thewrapscrapcontest. What amazing work will we get to see?

The Writing Contest

We love writing, and we love reading about baby carriers. Let’s put those two passions together!

We’re hosting a writing contest, for poems and essays up to 750 words. Your title? Worn.

Check out for our call for writers. Submissions are being accepted until 31 March!

Submissions will be judged by our blogger Red and by Ellie Stoneley, author of Milky Moments.

Winners get a ticket to The Wrap Show and will have their work published on The Wrap Show’s channels, including our programme.

#TryThemAll at The Wrap Show

Maybe you’re coming to The Wrap Show because you just love baby carriers – woven wraps, buckles, jackets – anything that helps you carry your baby, you’ll try it!

This last contest is for you. On the day, you’ll receive a card like this. Go to the sponsors, the exhibitors, the tester table, even the workshops, and you’ll get a stamp for trying something on or trying something out! Baby too upset? There are dolls about and scarves totally count.

Return a completed card for a prize! What kind of prize? Stay tuned here as we collect the choices.

Can’t wait until June? Join us at The Wrap Show Pop Ups for chances to #TryThemAll, too! The winner will be the first person into The Wrap Show, just come to our last pop up in May to be present to win.

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