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One £5 workshop ticket will get you into any and all of our sessions listed here. Space is limited so ensure you get your preferred session by signing up here. Take the chance to hear professionals and experts from around the baby carrier world, learn new skills, new information, and deepen your relationship with wrapping and carriers. The Woven Wings meet and greet is free to everyone!

Workshop Schedule

Talks Workshops and Classes
9:45 How to Choose a Wrap
Jenni and Emily, It’s a Sling Thing

Hypnobirthing Taster 

Christy Fouracre, Kent Hynobirthying


Fibre Geekery

Tina Hoffmann, DIDYMOS


Stretchy Wraps

Deborah Lewis, South Essex Slings


Carrying a Curious Baby 

Anne Mcewan, Born to Carry


Tandem Carrying in Integras

Lysanne Skinner, Mother Rucker

12:00 Working with a Baby in Tow
Helen Hamston, Mummy’s Gin Fund


Front Wrap Cross Carry

Chiara Evans, Babywearing Mama


Rules and Preconceived Ideas

Lorette Michallon, Slingababy


Ring Slings

Katherine, London Slings


Why Carrying Matters

Dr. Rosie Knowles, Why Carrying Matters



Sling Swing Dance Class

Kimmy Milham, Sling Swing


You’re Not Responsible for your Children’s Happiness

Michelle and Michael, Attachment Parenting UK



Basic Ruck

Azizah Attard, Bebe Sachi



Dads Babywearing

Darren Sadler, Integra


Fancy Finishes

Marloes de Graaf, Ik neem je mee


Woven Wings Meet and Greet ***FREE***

Sarah Condry & Christina Mitchell, Woven Wings


Double Hammock

Azizah Attard, Bebe Sachi

Basic Ruck – Azizah Attard, Bebe Sachi
Are you ready to get baby up onto your back? This is a great first back carry for the young babe in your life. Azizah will help you get baby onto your back and get you comfortable in this workshop.
Carrying a Curious Baby – Anne Mcewan, Born to Carry
By their very nature babies are curious. For many babies this means that as they grow, they will want to be carried in a way that allows them to see more of the world around them. In this workshop we will look at different ways to allow babies to see as much of the world around them as they would like to whilst also exploring how we can make sure they are able to turn to the adult carrying them when it becomes too much or they become tired. We will look at parent facing Back, Front and Hip carrying methods using Wraps, Ringslings and Buckle Carriers.
Dads BabywearingDaren Sadler, Integra Baby
Utilising his own parental journey, combined with a decade of professional experience, Darren will explore the concept of being a Babywearing Dad and the benefits, conundrums and joy it brings.
Double HammockAzizah Attard, Bebe Sachi
Have you seen those beautiful back carries and wondering how to get started? Join this workshop to level up your back carrying! Great for those who’ve tried a ruck but also good for beginners to back carries.
Fancy FinishesMarloes de Graaf, Ik neem je mee
You’ve been eyeing all those gorgeous finishes you’ve seen on Facebook and Instagram, but you don’t know how it’s done. Marloes will take you through some carries and tips to help you rock your finish.
Fibre Geekery – Tina Hoffmann, Didymos
Ever wondered what is in a wrap? Have you touched the linen, silk, and cotton threads? Explore fibres and what they mean in the weaving process with Tina Hoffmann, manging director of Didymos.
Front Wrap Cross CarryChiara Evans, Babywearing Mama
This is a great first carry for those looking to try out woven wraps. Often the go-to carry for newborns and large babies alike, it offers great visibility and comfort, for both the wearer and the wearee. Chiara will walk you through this carry and answer what questions you have.
How to Choose a WrapJenni and Emily, It’s a Sling Thing
How do you choose your first wrap? There are so many choices – from fibre, design, weave, company – that it can be very overwhelming when you get started. At this session Jenni and Emily will break down what you need to know to buy your first woven wrap.
Hypnobirthing taster session for expectant parentsChristy Fouracre, Kent Hypnobirthing
Come and join Christy from Kent Hypnobirthing for this positive and empowering session. We’ll be taking a look at how your body actually works in labour , the most common reasons why births don’t go to plan and how to prepare for your best birth. Includes a powerful technique for birth partners to use in the birth room.

Ring SlingsKatherine, London Slings
Ring slings are versatile carriers that can be great for newborns to toddlers. Katherine will teach the basic ring sling carry and troubleshoot any issues you may have. 

Rules and Preconceived NotionsLorette Michallon, Slingababy
You’ve seen it, someone has posted a photo online of their carry and then the comment section happens! In this session Lorette will walk you through the rules and preconceived notions and how they may not apply as much as you might think.

Sling Swing Dance ClassKimmy Milham, Sling Swing Maidstone
Have fun and bond with your baby in our gentle movement class! Bond with your child whilst enjoying time to focus on your well being. Sling Swing incorporates movement to music, meeting other parents, having fun, and a gentle workout!

Stretchy Wraps – Deborah Lewis Moore, South Essex Slings
During this session we will explore stretchy wraps. We will learn to tie a pocket wrap cross carry, and get baby in and out safely.  We’ll then learn some different shoulder flips to ensure baby has clear airways. 

Tandem Integra Sibling Workshop – Lysanne Skinner, Mother Rucker
Learn how to get your older child on your back and your younger child on your front in a Tandem Integra Carry. You will learn how to get them in and out independently, with a few methods for getting your older child on your back. Twins – one must be sitting unaided.

Why Babywearing MattersDr. Rosie Knowles, Sheffield Sling Surgery and Sling Spot, Author of Why Babywearing Matters.
Holding babies close is an essential part of building the mother-dyad connection. We know that babies love to be held; and that babywearing can be very therapeutic for parents and carers. Join Rosie for a discussion about the biochemistry and neurology of the 4th Trimester period and why baby carriers can make such a difference to a family’s wellbeing.

Working with a Baby in TowHelen Hamston, Mummy’s Gin Fund
Helen started Mummy’s Gin Fund when she needed to connect with other local mums for clothing swaps! She now runs the go-to parenting website for London and the South East. Come hear Helen’s story and learn more about what it takes to start your new venture while also raising small humans.

Woven Wings Meet and Greet Sarah Condry and Christina Mitchell, Woven Wings ***FREE!***
Christina & Sarah will be discussing the ins and outs of running an established wrap company – highs and lows, partnership working, designing, testing and the beauty of constant innovation.

You Are Not Responsible for Your Children’s HappinessMichelle and Michael, Attachment Parenting UK

A fun interactive workshop explaining how feelings are created, why mood matters and the value of recognising separate realities. We explore the purpose our feelings serve and why it’s important to allow and validate children’s feelings within a loving, lighthearted environment. By mining for gold through personal stories, we help you reduce mental clutter, gain fresh perspectives and connect with your inner guidance so you can parent from a more peaceful place.